Thursday, March 01, 2012

Goal of the Muslim Brotherhood

As promised, I created a Word document in English from a PDF document available on line which contained both Arabic and English. I tried to fix some of the misspelling and only minimally altered the indentations and spacing where necessary.  Only 13 pages. My version is attached and is also downloadable at:  Feel free to share widely. 

A link to the complete original is inside the document.  You’ll find frequent reference to an unfamiliar word Dawa’; which means call or invitation to Islam.  Think evangelize. 

After reading you will better understand the expression “clash of civilizations,” better understand the existential threat to you and yourfamily and hopefully make a commitment to defend yourself, family and country.   You will also notice there is no mention of violence because that is not their modus operandi.  Far too long our government has focused on the “terrorism” threat from the “extremists.”  They should have been watching the other hand.

Some may disparage my attempts at interpreting the Muslims’ objectives and accuse me of hate speech and hating Muslims. It is because I love truth first as found in the Bible that I am able to understand what drives Islam and enslaves Muslims.  If Western civilization loses its freedom of conscience and is forced to submit to Islam, the Muslims will never find the path to freedom.  If we ever expect the Muslims to “wake up” and realize they are following evil disguised as a god, we cannot allow them to gain the upper hand in the only country ever founded specifically on the freedoms of the Judeo-Christian faith. For every inch they gain, they believe allah is granting them favor and they are to press even harder.  Any acquiescence on our part (such as the recent apologies) only affirm their belief that we are being dhimmied (subdued) and  again proves Islam is forcefully
rising to take its rightful place on top of the world. 

If you are not joined in the battle FOR your society and freedom, what will it take for you?   If enough of us become active and push back their idiotic demands and expose Islam for the evil therein, we can at least protect some semblance of freedom on our soil.

I personally will not submit.  I will not surrender.  Who’s with me?