Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Free Downloadable PDF book exposing the lies behind Muhammed and Islam

I just came across a most exhaustive source document on the idiocy of Muhammed and the "religion" he created called Islam. This book is a 295 page PDF document downloadable and free. I can't wait to read it slowly and truly digest its worth. The table of contents reveals massive research and time spent on all aspects of analysis of him and his cult. Islam tries to stop anyone from disparaging Muhammed or his Quran or Islam in general. They like to behead those folks. This writer is brave and I wholeheartedly recommend reading this well researched work and telling everyone you know. The human race is at stake and this document is a great offensive weapon to fight the evil trying to enslave and destroy it.
When Jesus Christ returns, it will be to defeat the world of Islam which has set its sights on destroying Israel. Decide NOW which side you're on.
Unmasking Muhammad; The Malignant Narcissist and His Grand Delusion