Friday, February 20, 2009

My eyes are running out on stems

I've been reading a lot lately on radical Islam and bible prophecy. Halfway through Walid Shoebat's "Why I Left Jihad. The Root of Terrorism and the Return of Radical Islam." He is an ex-Muslim terrorist and born again follower of Jesus Christ. What makes his perspective so rich is his extensive understanding of all the people groups and history which make up what we in the West term "the Middle East." I have always been perplexed at that geography and ethnicity. So much of our Bible is unclear to us Westerners because we don't grasp the history, nor the current blood lines and terrority lines of each people group. Shoebat shares his personal history but adds to it massive interpretation of Bible scripture and end time prophecy. I'm beginning to understand things about current events and grasp where we're headed in the future. The news headlines are making sense finally. A particular revelation about the beheadings of believers mentioned in the tribulation days could point to the standard method of killing the "infidels" by the radical Islamist when carrying out jihad. No other group uses beheading as their standard. It is what they are known for. My eyes may be strained, but they are open. Wide open.
Walid Shoebat Website

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What can we do in tough times?

I just finished studying through a great list of Bible passages describing how great icons of our Christian and Jewish faith dealt with their individual "hard times." Quite inspiring. A second section contained encouraging verses which describe how I should react to suffering of various types and how to keep going amidst trials. With the passing of each day, I am more convinced we Christians will not "fly away" but will endure most of the end time Tribulation. We'll be saved from the Wrath of God at the very end.

The bible study is found at It is titled "What Can the Righteous Do? and is found in the Resources section under Personal Bible Studies. The download is free. Take some time to read how great men of the faith not only survived, but flourished under trials and seemingly impossible odds. Nothing is impossible with our God.