Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Things are looking up for me overall. I've joined a womens'small group at my church for the purpose of running and memorizing scripture. The verses are easier to learn than the running. We've committed to doing a 5K on December 16 the Jingle Jog in Atlanta. We're also studying the Girls on the Run program to see if we should commit to serving our young middle schoolers at our church?
I found a really useful tool in managing my workouts.
I am so excited to be able to run and get some of my identity back. Some of the girls have the Garmin 301, but I'll wait to invest. It has some bad reveiws on HR monitor failures.

My husband is still investigating new business purchase opportunities, but the right one hasn't come along. I am playing guitar almost every day, staying consistent with my bible studies. I would love to hook up with some other musicians, but don't see a pathway. No clear direction yet on what my path is to be. But I'm becoming more able to rest in this time frame. LIke Joseph and Daniel did in their time of imprisonment. They made good use of it. I want to do the same and not waste my talents and abilities.
My son has been home from the recovery program since 9-15 and we are shocked at much he intentionally avoids being at home or around us. He had us convinced he was a Christ follower, but his actions have proven otherwise. I've grieved again over the waste, but I'm over it now and am moving on. He is determined to do it his way, and it will bring him pain and heartache. I am determined to let it be HIS pain and heartache, not mine. Emotionally, I don't care like I used to. Maybe that is the path for my sanity. I have given, served, poured out, prayed for him, invested more in him than any soul alive and it has wrought not much. Yes, he is working full time for a steel mill. And I am so thankful for that. I have relaxed my efforts to fix him and am concentrating on blessing myself and investing in me and my spiritual goals, because there will be fruit when I do.
My daughter is beginning a Mary Kay consultant business. I've tried the MLM stuff and hated it, failed misearably and am hoping she does better. She is going at it full bore with a huge inventory purchase upfront. That will put the pressure on her and force her to work it and not give up quickly. I'm very proud of her entrepreneurial spirit. Got that from her great Aunt Cloma and her dad.