Saturday, January 28, 2006

Absent for awhile

I just posted a few pictures and comments today after months of not writing. This fall our family experienced a trial by fire. Our 17 year old son had become more rebellious and destructive in his behavior. He had been on probation since 12-04 and spent a month in Juvenile detention in summer 2005 for probation violations. Within a few days of being released from probation on 10-31, he was present when a felony was committed and spent a week in adult jail. They dropped the charges and released him, but his school expelled him for a year. Through God's perfect timing and intervention, we were led to a special group home nearby for troubled teenage boys. We admitted him on 12-15-05 and have watched our Lord begin to reach his hard heart and begin a long transformation back to Him.
I haven't wanted to write about running during the worst of our ordeal. In fact, I wasn't able to run. The emotional weight was simply too great. I am still not running consistently now, but am getting back to the gym more regularly. A weird hip pain has surfaced, so taking it easy for a while may be the best action for the long term. I am filled with hope for my son because he is hearing Jesus and He has the power of life eternal. Everything is going to be alright, My God is making a way for me.

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  1. Trust in the Lord thy God and he will comfort you. I will say a prayer for you and your family. This sounds like a new begining for your son. God will keep him safe. Your strength and dedication is to be comended.