Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sore butt!

On Thursday it was pouring rain, so I did an shoulder and leg workout at the gym, but no cardio. I was supposed to play tennis, but that got rescheduled til MOnday. On Friday, it was still rainy, so I went to gym with a workout and cardio in mind, but tried out a BodyPump class instead. You use barbells and dumbells along with light cardio. Its not exciting cardio, and its not like a weight lifting workout, its a hybrid. Lunges and squats are not something I usually do, so I knew there would be some level of pain involved. the class wasn't bad, i did lower the weights about half way through.
Today is Saturday and I can hardly walk. The least little tightening of my tush is excruciating. But the sun has come out and i need a run. Off to George Pierce Park for hopefully a 6 miler. With the monsoon rains, I expected wet trails, and lots of company, so i parked at Quiznos and began my run there. all downhill for .75 mile, then i saw the river that was supposed to be the parking lot. it was over the banks but not over the road. Guess i won't be running in the park today. i ran up the other side and into Suwanee township, out onto Buford Hwy, up to the corner with 317 and through the Town Center Park. I tried a sidewalk in a new townhome section, but it deadended when the creek covered it. Back up another hill, then uphill most of the way back to Quiznos. My butt never stopped hurting. i thought the easy running would wash out the lactic acid, but it didn't. Sometimes you hurt worse the second day. Oh my gosh, i won't be able to get out of bed tomorrow. the sun was brilliant,60 temp when i started. I kept thinking about this being the date of the Stump Jump in Chattanooga, TN, which i had planned since last year to run. initially i had hoped to train for the 50K, then dropped down to the 11 mile, now i had to confess i had missed a goal. this is a new experience for me. i dont fail, and once i set goals, i don't blow them. i have many excuses and reasons. But while i was running, i was glad i didnt have 11 hilly miles today to cover. it would have been torture because i'm not trained sufficiently. I saw a picture in the paper about a 12 foot python swallowing an adult alligator and exploding because it was too large. adds some meat to the expression "don't bite off more than you can chew." and in the running world, there's the expression, "I just blew up at mile 6 and had to limp my way in." i enjoyed my run today and that was a goal i met. maybe i'm getting smarter in my old age. and i'll run tomorrow and enjoy it too. (if my butt will let me) 47 minutes.

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