Sunday, October 02, 2005

More excuses

I didn't get around to running on Friday due to several long unexpected phone calls that morning. I walked for 30 minutes using two 6.6 lb weights and doing shoulder exercises. On Saturday, I could have run home from the airport again, but I just knew I didn't have the inertia to carry it off. I don't run because I like to suffer. So again I walked for an hour using only one 6.6 lb weight. My hips, joints and hip flexors have been unusually sore since I played tennis on Thursday. That's the only explanation I can find. Not encouraging. Today, David and I walked through the park at a leisurely pace. I practiced chipping and putting golf. Wanted to talk to the golf shop about trading volunteer work time pulling weeds, or something for range time, but i never got the opportunity. I am exploring the options available for work when I finish my Sports Management certificate.
Hopefully i'll feel like running tomorrow. Been thinking about my friend Jason who works at the gym, who is running the Arkansas Traveler this weekend. Can't wait to hear how it went for his first 100 miler. Didn't take any of my vitamins or supplements today. Bad Girl. Promising myself to run tomorrow before my meeting.