Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Cross training

I've really been mixing it up lately with variety. Last Wednesday, 10-19, lifted weights and did 30 min on cardio bike. Thursday was 2 sets of tennis with Kim Davies, we won at line 1. so i was 4-3 for the season. Friday was the good intention day, i was detained by a lengthy call from a good CBS friend and never got around to it. Did bulletins that afternoon at CCC. Saturday i cut the back yard and raked it. On Sunday, i ran (YEAH) to Starbucks 53 minutes one way and my sweet husband gave me a ride home. he had a coaching meeting with some Wild At Heart leaders from our church. We also walked about 40 minutes at George Pierce Park, i called my mom, and learned that her beloved cat Tracey had been hit by a car last Monday and killed. That broke my heart. On Monday 10-24, i did a spin (RPM) class and enjoyed it. On Tuesday 10-25, i took it easy and did a Body Flow. I was going to run after CBS, but my partner did not show up and it was brutally cold and windy for 2 days, so thus the indoor activities. Today was beautiful. under 40 and sunny and no wind!. So i ran to BodyPlex the long way 41:41, did a RPM class, then ran home the short way 31:16. I was tired on the way home, but never walked. my right hamstring hurts like a bear. i keep stretching while running, it does no good. biking doesn't bother it at all. I am so stiff and the BodyFlow helps to loosen me up, but i get so sore in my hips, pelvic and low back. i'm sticking with it. I raked the back yard and cut the front yard today too. i deserve my ice cream tonight.