Tuesday, October 18, 2005

2 days in a row!

I was supposed to do a long trail run (7 miles) after CBS today with a friend. She was a no show and i ate lunch there and decided to run at home after my belly settled. I was proud that i actually ran, instead of just thinking about it. I ran to the I-85 North Suwanee rest stop and back. 50:41 minutes. stopped for a pee and water break, but all the sinks and water fountains were "Out of order". no wonder the DOT is closing them down. How pathetic is that? My cats used to drink out of the toilets all the time and it never killed them..... I wonder what would happen if I ... no.... I didn't, but isn't it amazing what your brain does when it is depending on and expecting water and then surprisingly doesn't get it? I hate to admit it but when running, and i come across a "No Trespassing, or Restricted Area or Private Property, or No Admittance, " it really tweeks me. It is at the core of every runner to be "free" unrestricted, thats partly why we run, because we are free to. and can. To be told I can't run on that square inch of dirt because someone says NO, is just plain wrong. I am a rule follower. I keep a clear conscience on everything, except this issue. Part of the reason the run to the rest stop was new and exciting was because i accessed it from a back road through a "Restricted Area" "Public not allowed to use the upper level" Why am i made to feel like a criminal when i did nothing more than the deer do every day back there?
If a cop had been watching me come through that area, dressed as a runner, and running, would he have arrested me? something to think about when you're running. another great freedom we take for granted, our thoughts.