Wednesday, September 28, 2005

An afternoon run

For the past several years I've always run in the morning, but I had a physical and an appointment with ADT alarm systems from 8 to noon. I ran at 5 pm, very humid, sunny. Ran exactly one hour through Collins Hill park, road, Camp Perrin, Sweetbriar SD, Chandler Pond, ran by their pool which was unlocked and unmanned. That was unsafe. Saw a path through the woods which feed out onto the 14th fairway of the golf course. ran down 14 and back up 13 to the back of library and then headed home. sweated like a blue nose mule. felt good, except hamstring tightened again and was tender the rest of evening. iced it and rolled it, many stretches, still hurts. I needed the mini-adventure of being on new ground. I hate to break laws and trespass, but the golf course was almost deserted due to a mostly rainy day and the daylight is so short now. Now I want to run more of it, but that will be asking for trouble. It was a good feeling run, I wasn't forcing myself to be out on the roads. If its not enjoyable while doing it, an activity will eventually end. My physical went well, EKG normal, 52 resting heartrate, BP 100/60. The blood work will be ready in a few days and i need to schedule a Bone Density Scan. A sigmoidoscopy was recommended,but i'm not doing that. The tetanus booster has made my arm very sore, but the only shot i ever got and didn't feel it. she kept saying to relax my arm and she put in right between where the tricep and posterior deltoid join. it was amazing. and the blood draws she got with one stick. that never happens either. 4 sticks is my record, and I see stars when they dig around trying to prick it.

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  1. A dying man needs to die, as a sleepy man needs to sleep, and there comes a time when it is wrong, as well as useless, to resist.
    Stewart Alsop- Posters.