Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Cross training

I've really been mixing it up lately with variety. Last Wednesday, 10-19, lifted weights and did 30 min on cardio bike. Thursday was 2 sets of tennis with Kim Davies, we won at line 1. so i was 4-3 for the season. Friday was the good intention day, i was detained by a lengthy call from a good CBS friend and never got around to it. Did bulletins that afternoon at CCC. Saturday i cut the back yard and raked it. On Sunday, i ran (YEAH) to Starbucks 53 minutes one way and my sweet husband gave me a ride home. he had a coaching meeting with some Wild At Heart leaders from our church. We also walked about 40 minutes at George Pierce Park, i called my mom, and learned that her beloved cat Tracey had been hit by a car last Monday and killed. That broke my heart. On Monday 10-24, i did a spin (RPM) class and enjoyed it. On Tuesday 10-25, i took it easy and did a Body Flow. I was going to run after CBS, but my partner did not show up and it was brutally cold and windy for 2 days, so thus the indoor activities. Today was beautiful. under 40 and sunny and no wind!. So i ran to BodyPlex the long way 41:41, did a RPM class, then ran home the short way 31:16. I was tired on the way home, but never walked. my right hamstring hurts like a bear. i keep stretching while running, it does no good. biking doesn't bother it at all. I am so stiff and the BodyFlow helps to loosen me up, but i get so sore in my hips, pelvic and low back. i'm sticking with it. I raked the back yard and cut the front yard today too. i deserve my ice cream tonight.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

2 days in a row!

I was supposed to do a long trail run (7 miles) after CBS today with a friend. She was a no show and i ate lunch there and decided to run at home after my belly settled. I was proud that i actually ran, instead of just thinking about it. I ran to the I-85 North Suwanee rest stop and back. 50:41 minutes. stopped for a pee and water break, but all the sinks and water fountains were "Out of order". no wonder the DOT is closing them down. How pathetic is that? My cats used to drink out of the toilets all the time and it never killed them..... I wonder what would happen if I ... no.... I didn't, but isn't it amazing what your brain does when it is depending on and expecting water and then surprisingly doesn't get it? I hate to admit it but when running, and i come across a "No Trespassing, or Restricted Area or Private Property, or No Admittance, " it really tweeks me. It is at the core of every runner to be "free" unrestricted, thats partly why we run, because we are free to. and can. To be told I can't run on that square inch of dirt because someone says NO, is just plain wrong. I am a rule follower. I keep a clear conscience on everything, except this issue. Part of the reason the run to the rest stop was new and exciting was because i accessed it from a back road through a "Restricted Area" "Public not allowed to use the upper level" Why am i made to feel like a criminal when i did nothing more than the deer do every day back there?
If a cop had been watching me come through that area, dressed as a runner, and running, would he have arrested me? something to think about when you're running. another great freedom we take for granted, our thoughts.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Letting off some steam

Today, Monday was the first run in a week. Pathetic. But i got out the door and did a 36 min around my standard Collins Hill park route. it felt good, sunny mid 60s and at 4 pm, not my usual running time. last Thursday i did a BodyPump class and couldn't move without pain for days. On Friday or maybe it was Wednesday? i did the coolest class called BodyFlow. it blends Tai Chi, Pilates and Yoga. i loved it. the weekend did not yield a long run as i had hoped. commitments to volunteer at my son's band competition on Saturday. Most of Sunday was spent doing Bible study preparation for Monday morning's class. But it was a good weekend. One cool surprise was how our pastor preached on the perils of divorce and letting our marriages fall apart. instead of an altar call for those suffering through bad situations, he called every couple married 20+ years to the stage for everyone to honor that it can be done!!!!!! We don't have it all figured out either, but one thing we've done is never thrown in the towel. That is the only difference. we've learned to fight FOR each other, not against each other. What a good day to celebrate marriage. We've been together 27 years. That is something to celebrate.
Back to running, i think i need to set a goal of consistency. i was wanting to commit to a long run and sense all i'll do is injure myself. i need to swallow little pieces instead of the whole enchilada.
Last Thursday night my sports management class was so frustrating. i'm the only woman and the prof turned us loose on a project he had not taught us how to do, just to watch the disaster unfold. It did. I hate being associated with things that are out of control. Friday I volunteered at a local golf course who was holding a tournament to benefit the hurricane evacuees. It was even worse than the Thursday night situation. My worse nightmare come true. Someone sticks you at the registration table with 2 minutes of inadequate training, then all these men are wanting to get started golfing and i don't know how to deal with it. Why did i do this willingly? to get experience i thought would serve me well in my class and in my future career path. one takeaway is that women are not respected around a golf course. this is not Augusta National, but the feeling is there. its a man's world, especially the golf course. OK, i was so p....... when i got home that something had to die. In the yard, i mean. as in some poor bush or tree was going to meet its maker right then. i got the chainsaw first and ripped up 2 huge azalea bushes down to nubbins so they'll never grow back. then cut down 2 weird evergreen thingys at the front door railings that were too big for their britches. a little calmer now, i switched over to an electric hedger and clipped the 6 bushes around the power box. i cant wait for the first frost to kill the butterfly bush so i can whack it down and transplant it to the backyard. some idiot planted it in the FRONT yard and it is the most unsightly thing you've ever seen. the butterflys love it, but they can do that just as well in the back yard.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sore butt!

On Thursday it was pouring rain, so I did an shoulder and leg workout at the gym, but no cardio. I was supposed to play tennis, but that got rescheduled til MOnday. On Friday, it was still rainy, so I went to gym with a workout and cardio in mind, but tried out a BodyPump class instead. You use barbells and dumbells along with light cardio. Its not exciting cardio, and its not like a weight lifting workout, its a hybrid. Lunges and squats are not something I usually do, so I knew there would be some level of pain involved. the class wasn't bad, i did lower the weights about half way through.
Today is Saturday and I can hardly walk. The least little tightening of my tush is excruciating. But the sun has come out and i need a run. Off to George Pierce Park for hopefully a 6 miler. With the monsoon rains, I expected wet trails, and lots of company, so i parked at Quiznos and began my run there. all downhill for .75 mile, then i saw the river that was supposed to be the parking lot. it was over the banks but not over the road. Guess i won't be running in the park today. i ran up the other side and into Suwanee township, out onto Buford Hwy, up to the corner with 317 and through the Town Center Park. I tried a sidewalk in a new townhome section, but it deadended when the creek covered it. Back up another hill, then uphill most of the way back to Quiznos. My butt never stopped hurting. i thought the easy running would wash out the lactic acid, but it didn't. Sometimes you hurt worse the second day. Oh my gosh, i won't be able to get out of bed tomorrow. the sun was brilliant,60 temp when i started. I kept thinking about this being the date of the Stump Jump in Chattanooga, TN, which i had planned since last year to run. initially i had hoped to train for the 50K, then dropped down to the 11 mile, now i had to confess i had missed a goal. this is a new experience for me. i dont fail, and once i set goals, i don't blow them. i have many excuses and reasons. But while i was running, i was glad i didnt have 11 hilly miles today to cover. it would have been torture because i'm not trained sufficiently. I saw a picture in the paper about a 12 foot python swallowing an adult alligator and exploding because it was too large. adds some meat to the expression "don't bite off more than you can chew." and in the running world, there's the expression, "I just blew up at mile 6 and had to limp my way in." i enjoyed my run today and that was a goal i met. maybe i'm getting smarter in my old age. and i'll run tomorrow and enjoy it too. (if my butt will let me) 47 minutes.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A split run

Today i ran 22 minutes to Collins Hill Golf Club and offered to volunteer at their tournament on Friday. then i ran a loop 35 minutes back home. it felt good just to be running again. Developing consistency is my challenge. Met a girl at CBS on Tuesday who is new to area and wants a long distance partner. She lives out in the country and doesn't have safe places to run. I have many around here, so maybe that will be a good match.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

More excuses

I didn't get around to running on Friday due to several long unexpected phone calls that morning. I walked for 30 minutes using two 6.6 lb weights and doing shoulder exercises. On Saturday, I could have run home from the airport again, but I just knew I didn't have the inertia to carry it off. I don't run because I like to suffer. So again I walked for an hour using only one 6.6 lb weight. My hips, joints and hip flexors have been unusually sore since I played tennis on Thursday. That's the only explanation I can find. Not encouraging. Today, David and I walked through the park at a leisurely pace. I practiced chipping and putting golf. Wanted to talk to the golf shop about trading volunteer work time pulling weeds, or something for range time, but i never got the opportunity. I am exploring the options available for work when I finish my Sports Management certificate.
Hopefully i'll feel like running tomorrow. Been thinking about my friend Jason who works at the gym, who is running the Arkansas Traveler this weekend. Can't wait to hear how it went for his first 100 miler. Didn't take any of my vitamins or supplements today. Bad Girl. Promising myself to run tomorrow before my meeting.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

An afternoon run

For the past several years I've always run in the morning, but I had a physical and an appointment with ADT alarm systems from 8 to noon. I ran at 5 pm, very humid, sunny. Ran exactly one hour through Collins Hill park, road, Camp Perrin, Sweetbriar SD, Chandler Pond, ran by their pool which was unlocked and unmanned. That was unsafe. Saw a path through the woods which feed out onto the 14th fairway of the golf course. ran down 14 and back up 13 to the back of library and then headed home. sweated like a blue nose mule. felt good, except hamstring tightened again and was tender the rest of evening. iced it and rolled it, many stretches, still hurts. I needed the mini-adventure of being on new ground. I hate to break laws and trespass, but the golf course was almost deserted due to a mostly rainy day and the daylight is so short now. Now I want to run more of it, but that will be asking for trouble. It was a good feeling run, I wasn't forcing myself to be out on the roads. If its not enjoyable while doing it, an activity will eventually end. My physical went well, EKG normal, 52 resting heartrate, BP 100/60. The blood work will be ready in a few days and i need to schedule a Bone Density Scan. A sigmoidoscopy was recommended,but i'm not doing that. The tetanus booster has made my arm very sore, but the only shot i ever got and didn't feel it. she kept saying to relax my arm and she put in right between where the tricep and posterior deltoid join. it was amazing. and the blood draws she got with one stick. that never happens either. 4 sticks is my record, and I see stars when they dig around trying to prick it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A few days off

I last ran 8 on Saturday, took Sunday and Monday off intentionally. I had kinda planned to run today, but I am still experiencing lower abdominal cramping. This has been disconcerting for several weeks. But I did a hard Back and Bicep workout, followed by an attempt at a BodyFlow
class. After only 5 minutes, the cramps got so bad, waves of nausea came, so I quit. Mild twinges off and on the rest of the day. I recently added a supplement from my chiropractor, (Thyroid, spleen and thymus concentrate) to combat thryroid and adrenal issues. Tomorrow I have a physical at 8 am for which i have to fast from midnight, so I don't think I'll be running first thing. Hopefully I can run later. Thursday is tennis day, but I ran last Thursday and it served as a good warm up. Part of running is developing a consistency, when life is anything but.
Last night I cranked up Peter Frampton Comes Alive double CD from the early 70's. It made me cry as usual. "I called your name, but there was no answer." "Do you, you, feel like I do?"
That is bar none, the best live album ever produced. On second thought, Santana's live Sacred Fire is my all time favorite album and captures versions of his classics like no other moment in time.
Today is my daughter Mary Beth's 19th Birthday. I ran my first (and only) marathon when I was about 2 or 3 weeks pregnant with her and didn't know it. No wonder she's such a go-getter. My son Brian got his FAA physical today which will serve as his student pilot license until he finishes with the instruction and gets the real thing. He plans to enter the military upon graduation Spring 2006.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

My son Brian, a serior in high school. Posted by Picasa

My daughter Mary Beth at her boyfriend's prom Spring 2005. Posted by Picasa

My husband of 27 years, David. He has a heart of gold and loves his family more than we deserve. Posted by Picasa

Rebuilding a Base

I am trying to rebuild a running base after suffering some emotional setbacks for several months. There is definitely a connection between the mental(psychological) and the physical. Some runners use their running time to deal with emotional pain but I wasn’t able to generate enough energy to get out the door for the first steps. Tuesday of this week I experienced a breakthrough and I don’t even know exactly why. The word “release” kept coming to mind, I read a quote explaining the difference between physical pain and psychological suffering, and I heard the song by Jo Dee Messina, “My Give a Damn’s Busted.” Perhaps my cup of suffering has been filled. For a season. Some how I have been released from the torture of depression and worry (which have nothing to do with running). I do not want to experience this type of hell again. My chiropractor has worked diligently with me, I’ve been faithful with my vitamins and supplements and my running the last few days has been great.

On Thursday 9-22, I ran in my subdivision and Collins Hill park for 30 minutes before my tennis match. It was a slow jog and very refreshing. The tennis match was a hard fought victory with Kim Davies 6-7, 6-2, 6-2. The match was closer than the scores might indicate. Emotionally it was huge. We were down in the first set 5-2.

Friday was a 5.5 miler 57 minutes at Suwanee Greenway. Its flat, mostly shade, paved track along a stream. Out and back. With about a mile to go, for the first time I practiced breathing technique, barely saying “Yah on the exhalation and “Weh” on the inhalation. It’s one name God calls Himself. My hamstring kept tightening and appears to remain a big concern for longer runs.

Today, my husband had a flying lesson at the airport about 8 miles from our home. I ran home from there, 9 am, sunny, breezy, 75 to 80 degrees. 1:20 time with ample walking breaks, stashed water at halfway mark, hamstring cramping, but stretches along the way helped. Iced afterward. Being able to run this far was very encouraging. I had hoped to do the Stump Jump 11 miler on Oct 8th, but that is too much too soon. Especially in the mountains. I’ve noticed my hill running is particularly labored. A good friend honked at me near the end, so that was a great encouragement to finish strong with a smile.